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Services in October and November

Day Date Location (event) Time Event
2nd Sunday 09Oct16 Meonstoke (HC BCP) 8.00 am Trinity 20
(Harvest Family Eucharist)
10.30 am Harvest Festival followed by Lunch
Corhampton (Evensong) 6.30 pm Wilfrid from 12Oct
Wednesday 12Oct16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am Wilfrid
Thursday 13Oct16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am Edward the Confessor
3rd Sunday 16Oct16 Exton (HC BCP) 8.00 am Trinity 21
Droxford (Informal Service) 9: 45 am Luke
Corhampton (Mattins) 10.30 am Luke the Evangelist
Meonstoke (Taize) 6.30 pm Prayers, Chants and Healing
Wednesday 19Oct16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am Luke the Evangelist from 18Oct
Thursday 20Oct16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am
4th Sunday 23Oct16 Corhampton (HC BCP) 8.00 am Last after Trinity
Meonstoke (All Age) 9.30 am
Exton (HC CW) 10.30 am Bible Sunday
Wednesday 26Oct16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am Alfred; Cedd
Thursday 27Oct16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am Simon and Jude, Apostles from 28 Oct
5th Sunday 30Oct16 Meonstoke (HC BCP) 8.00 am All Saints’ Day
Droxford Patronal Festival Eucharist 10.30 am
Wednesday 02Nov16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am All Souls’ Day
Thursday 03Nov16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am Richard Hooker; Martin of Porres
Sunday 06Nov16 Droxford (HC BCP) 8.00 am 3 before Advent
Meonstoke (Family Eucharist) 10.30 am 3rd Sunday before Advent
Exton (Commemoration of the Faithful Departed) 3.30 pm All Souls
Wednesday 09Nov16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am Margery Kempe
Thursday 10Nov16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am Leo the Great
2nd Sunday 13Nov16 Meonstoke (HC BCP) 8.00 am 2 before Advent
Meonstoke 9.30 am Family Remembrance
Droxford 10.50 am Benefice Remembrance Requiem
Exton 3.30 pm Act of Remembrance
Corhampton 6.30 pm Remembrance Evensong
Wednesday 16Nov16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am Margaret
Thursday 17Nov16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am Hugh
3rd Sunday 20Nov16 Exton (HC BCP) 8.00 am Christ the King
Droxford (Inf Serv) 9: 45 am
Corhampton (Mattins) 10.30 am
Corhampton (Taize) 6.30 pm
Wednesday 23Nov16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am Clement
Thursday 24Nov16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am
4th Sunday 27Nov16 Corhampton (HC BCP) 8.00 am Advent Sunday
Meonstoke (All Age) 9.30 am
Exton (HC CW) 10.30 am
Droxford 6.30 pm Advent Service of Light, Words & Music
Wednesday 30Nov16 Meonstoke (MP) 8.30 am Andrew the Apostle
Thursday 01Dec16 Droxford (HC CW) 10 am Charles de Foucauld
1st Sunday 04Dec16 Droxford (HC BCP) 8.00 am Advent 2
Meonstoke Patronal Festival (Fam Euch) 10.30 am followed by refreshments St Andrew & Toy Service
Exton (Evensong) 6.30 pm Advent 2

Harvest and Lammastide

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Lammas Day
(1st August)
used to be a day to celebrate the harvest, now we celebrate HARVEST FESTIVALS when the Harvest is safely gathered in.

The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Hlafmaesse which means Loaf Mass.

The festival of Lammas marked the beginning of the harvest when people went to church to give thanks for the first corn to be cut.

On Lammas Day, farmers made loaves of bread from the new wheat crop and gave them to their local church. They were then used as the Communion bread during a special Mass thanking God for the harvest.

Many years ago, the weeks before the first harvest were very hard for people as there was not much food left from the previous harvest. Lammas Day heralded the new harvest and hopefully a return to plenty of food.

Lammas was also the time for farmers to give their farm workers a present of a pair of gloves. In Exeter, a large white glove was put on the end of a long pole which was decorated with flowers held up high to let people know that the Lammas festival was beginning.

The custom ended during the Reformation and, from Victorian times, was replaced by Harvest Festivals at the end of the Harvest.

As the word ‘Lammas’ (Loaf Mass) suggests, the service is often one of Holy Communion. The Lammas loaf, or part of it, may be used as the bread of the Eucharist, but sometimes the Lammas loaf and the Eucharistic bread may be kept separate.

Harvest Festivals

Exton – 3.30pm Sunday, 4th September

Meonstoke – 10.30 am Sunday, 2nd October

Droxford – 10.30 am Sunday, 9th October – followed by a bring and share lunch

From the Rector

At the time of writing, the elaborate repairs to St Mary and All Saints, Droxford are well underway and on 6th  October we look forward to seeing as many people as possible at a meeting to hear what has happened so far and what is planned next. In short, the work to repair the church structurally, funded by the Heritage Lottery, is approaching completion and other significant repairs have been completed too. The next phase is to make parts of the church even more available and attractive to the congregation, community and visitors, whilst retaining its sacred role and function. This idea would have been very familiar to its mediaeval builders.

Plans are well underway in St Andrew’s, Meonstoke to improve the lighting and heating, which will be very welcome as winter draws closer! Plans for a toilet and a kitchen area at St Peter and St Paul, Exton will enhance our welcome and fellowship there too. Even little Corhampton Church has benefitted from the generosity of its friends and has a lighting conductor and a sink with running water in the vestry!   Although, this sounds as though we spend all our time worrying about the buildings, the whole purpose is to make them more accessible, comfortable and welcoming for all.

Can you Help?

Finally, over the months that I have been in the Benefice, I have seen something of the hard work that goes into producing this wonderful magazine. I am sure that you will join me in thanking Mr Norman Bell for his outstanding service as The Bridge Editor. Sadly, Norman feels that it is time for him to hand over this role to a new editor and we are looking for someone to follow in his footsteps. Please have an informal chat with Norman if you think that might be you or if you know someone who could do this vital job.


Droxford Church Community Project

The first phase of the project, the restoration of Droxford Church started on the 4th of April and is to be completed later in the autumn of this year with funds awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. During this phase there will be no access by the West Door, or the Bell Tower  area.  The church will remain open and normal services will continue as usual.

From the Rector

We are delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund has given us this support.  The award will enable us to restore this lovely Norman church, but equally important it will enable us to create a community room that can become a focus for social activities as well as heritage exploration.  It will support sustainable community development, and enable us to serve our communities better, especially the isolated, the young, and the elderly, in Droxford and the Meon Valley.




Upcoming events...

Droxford Churchyard Clean up

November 5, 2016

Droxford Churchyard Clean up.

Light lunch provided.

Angelic Choir Concert

December 1, 2016

The fabulous St John's College Choir from Southsea will return for a seasonal concert of carols and Christmas cheer. Tickets…

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