The Way of the Cross
& The Way of the Resurrection

The Way of the Cross

(The Stations of the Cross – via Dolorosa)

The Stations of the Cross have formed part of Christian devotion at Passiontide for many centuries because they enable us to engage actively with the path of suffering walked by Jesus. They originated when early Christians visited Jerusalem and wanted to follow literally in the footsteps of Jesus, tracing the path from Pilate’s house to Calvary.They would pause for prayer and devotion at various points. Eventually those pilgrims brought the practice back to their home countries and ever since then Christians of differing traditions have used this form of devotion.
In the late fourteenth century the Franciscans were given the responsibility for the holy places of Jerusalem and they erected tableaux to aid the devotion of the visitors. These kinds of images are now commonplace inside churches, and occasionally outside them.
The number of stations has varied immensely through the centuries from as few as five to as many as thirty-six, but the now traditional number of fourteen was established by Clement XII in 1731 – nine scriptural stations and a further five based on popular devotion. However, owing to the increasing ecumenical popularity of this devotion there have been attempts to create a wholly scriptural set on which to focus.
The selection of stations presented here all have their root in the biblical story of Jesus rather than drawing on popular, yet unscriptural, stories. This development makes the Stations of the Cross more accessible to all traditions
within the Christian Church.

The recent rediscovery of the unity of the death and resurrection of Jesus has also led to the inclusion of a fifteenth station  the Resurrection.

The Way of the Resurrection

11 Days of Reflection on the Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

Through Lent and Passiontide there has been a long tradition in the Church of meditating on the events of the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus, called the Stations of the Cross. In the latter part of the twentieth century a complementary devotion emerged, possibly from the Iberian peninsula, called the Stations of the Resurrection, the Way of Light or the Stations of Joy. They provide much-needed resources for the celebration of the forty days from Easter Day to Ascension and, indeed, for Great Fifty Days of the whole season to Pentecost.
As with the Stations of the Cross, we move from station to station, reading an appropriate Bible passage and meditating on it. By using the resurrection appearances as a focus for reflection and meditation we have an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the Easter mysteries of the resurrection of our Lord. The resurrection appearances are more than just stories or history, they are a record of personal encounters with our risen Lord, so silence and space should be given to allow the liturgy to enable that encounter to happen today.

Day 1 – Thursday, 21st May 2020

Introduction to the mediations
I The earthquake – Matthew 28.2-4

Day 2 – Friday, 22nd May 2020

II Mary Magdalene finds the empty tomb: John 20.1,2
III The disciples run to the empty tomb: John 20.3-8


Day 3 – Saturday, 23rd May 2020

IV The angel appears to the women: Matthew 28.5-8, (Mark 16.3-8, Luke 24.2-9)
V Jesus meets the women: Matthew 28.9,10


Day 4 – Sunday, 24th May 2020

VI The road to Emmaus: Luke 24.28-35


Day 5 – Monday 25th May

VII Jesus appears to the disciples: Luke 24.36-43 (John 20.19,20)
VIII Jesus promises the Spirit: Luke 24.44-49


Day 6 – Tuesday 26th May

IX Jesus commissions the disciples: John 20.21-23
X Jesus breathes the Spirit in the upper room: John 20.22,23
XI Jesus reveals himself to Thomas: John 20.24-29


Day 7 – Wednesday 27th May

XII Jesus appears at the lakeside: John 21.9-13
XIII Jesus confronts Peter: John 21.15-19
XIV Jesus and the beloved disciple: John 21.20-23

Day 8 – Thursday, 28th May

XV Jesus appears to over five hundred at once: 1 Corinthians 15.3-6
XVI Jesus commissions the disciples on the mountain: Matthew 28.16-20


Day 9 – Friday, 29th May

XVII The Ascension: Acts 1.3-11

Day 10 – Saturday, 30th May

XVIII Pentecost: Acts 2.1-11

Day 11 – Sunday, 31st May

XIX Jesus appears to Saul: Acts 9.1-18 (1 Corinthians 15.8)

A Novena for Ascensiontide to Pentecost

A series of Daily Prayers and Reflections on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit by Cathy Mathews

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