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Activity Sheets for the Second Sunday of Epiphany: Click [HERE]

Activity Sheets for the Baptism of Christ: Click  [HERE].

Activity Sheets for Advent: Click [HERE]

Activity Sheets for Angels (29 September): Click [HERE]

Activity Sheets for St James: click [HERE].

Activity Sheets for Proper 12 in Year A: click [HERE].

Activity sheets for Proper 11 Year A: click HERE

… Unwrapped by Cathy Mathews

Prayer … Unwrapped February 2021

 Click above to watch and click [HERE] to read the text.

‘Prayer … Unwrapped’ by Cathy Mathews – January 2021

Click below to listen to Cathy or to read the text

You can read the text [HERE]

Self-Control … Unwrapped by Cathy Mathews

Faithfulness … Unwrapped by Cathy Mathews

Goodness … Unwrapped by Cathy Mathews

Patience … Unwrapped by Cathy Mathews

Peace … Unwrapped by Cathy Mathews

Joy … Unwrapped  by Cathy Mathews

A Child’s Ministry

Lauren , aged eight, was concerned about her local community being isolated and abandoned enduring the Covid -19 struggles.  She asked her parents if she could visit local people and play a few pieces of music on her violin, read a few poem that  she has written, read a prayer and offer them with a homemade cake, while respecting social distancing.

Lauren has been doing this every weekend.

Get to know Truth – By Lauren
Hello, my name is Truth
It’s nice to meet you
I’m the emotion that sits inside of your heart
Weighting up right and wrong
I see everything, from all heights
High to low, friend or foe
Truth can make you sad
Truth can be daunting
Truth can be profound
Truth can help you believe in yourself
Truth is in us all.

Isolation – by Lauren Kirtley
What does it mean?
Locked up and nobody to see
When will it end, nobody knows
No friends to see, no play dates to go, no shops to visit and no toys to buy
No teachers at school, just on a screen,
No sounds of chatter, just silence and me
Birds are outside, playing and having fun
I say, come inside, they wink and they fly
The garden is changing, the buds are opening and nature has not stopped.
I think it’s our turn to be locked up inside and take stock!

Resources for Families to use in Worship at Home

Short Services for Children and Families by Cathy

Listen to Jesus!

First Service: Come to me ….

Second Service: Let the children come to me …

Third Service: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life …

Fourth Service: I am the Light of the World

Episodes 5 and 6 are on their way!

Prayer Tools

An Examen is a form of prayer that helps us reflect on what has been and re-orientates us ready for what will be,

Pray-as-You-Go (  has prayer resources for all sorts of people in all sorts of situations, including a special Examen for children and an Examen for the family (just click on either underlined link).

They also have in-line guided retreats which may be very helpful in these times of lockdown – some of these would be enjoyed by young people.

For activities for younger children, please click HERE.

Faith @ Play is designed for children under 5.
Click on the Link: Faith @ Play

Church @ Home is designed for children aged 4-11  and can be used for a whole family time of worship at home – it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a Sunday!
Click on the Link: Church @ Home

Space2Be is designed for young people aged 11-18 who can use it to pray and spend time with God at home.
Click on the Link: Space2Be

A Journey to the Cross
– a  resource for families to use at home to journey through Holy Week together. It offers a Bible story or video and a simple interactive activity for each day of Holy Week, along with a reflection sheet to record thoughts and experiences.

Click on the Link: Journey to the cross

For Parents

Faith at Home | YCW

Faith at Home is a monthly digital magazine for parents to encourage you in sharing and exploring faith at home. Sign up for a free account with Youth and Children’s Work magazine and you can download all current and previous editions.

Visit the Faith at Home website

Be Refreshed | Care for the Family

Be Refreshed is a journey through the psalms for busy mums and dads. It gives you 14 short devotionals to do at home. You could take 10 minutes to yourself each day or week to have a read and be with God.

Download Be Refreshed


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