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Parish Profile 6.pubTraditionally communications in the villages have centred around The Bridge, a bi-monthly magazine featuring a message from the rector and other articles, with announcements, a district diary, useful advertisements and comments.  Increasingly the parish communications are moving to the Websites operated by the Bridge Churches, the parish councils, the Friends of St Andrew’s and Corhampton Churches and Friends of Droxford Church.  The benefice PCC’s are agreeing to modernise and update the Bridge Churches Website and we expect the Internet and social media to play a much greater part in our dissemination of church news and communication with our community.

Click the link below to open and download the latest issue of The Bridge:

The Bridge for April and May 2021

Previous Bridge Magazines:

The Bridge for February and March 2021

The Bridge for December 2020 and January 2021  (Includes all the updated adverts for 2021)

The Bridge for October and November 2020

The Bridge for August and September 2020

The Bridge for June and July 2020

The Bridge for April and May 2020

The Bridge for February and March 2020

The Bridge for December 2019 and January 2020        (Includes all the updated adverts for 2020)

Advertising in The Bridge

The Bridge is published every two months and the following table shows the cost of advertising for the year commencing with the December 2020/ January 2021 issue. Advertisements can be in either black and white, or full colour.  Advertisements in The Bridge are placed on the last 16 pages of the magazine and also inside the cover and on the back cover.

To advertise in The Bridge. contact the advertising manager, Mr David Neale at:


 Dimensions based on an A4 size page Annual charge for
black and white (colour cost in brackets)
  One half of a page (1/2)
129 mm x 179 mm wide
£255 (£318)
  One third of a page (1/3)
86mm x 182 mm wide (or 173mm x 89mm wide)
£188 (£230)
  One quarter of a page (1/4)
129 mm x 89 mm wide
£141 (£173)
  One sixth of a page (1/6) 86mm x 90mm wide
£105 (£126)
  One eighth of a page (1/8) 63 mm x 89 mm wide
£85 (£101)
  One twelfth of a page (1/12)
63mm x 60mm wide
£72 (n/a)


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