The Meon Bridge Benefice
(The Parishes of Corhampton & Meonstoke, Droxford, and Exton)
In Bishops Waltham Deanery – The Diocese of Portsmouth

Subject to Canon Law, and
Ecclesiastical & Civil Regulation relating to Gatherings and CoViD-19
Previously Postponed from march and April 2020 due to the Pandemic
Notice is hereby given of
The Meetings Previously Postponed from march and April 2020 due to the Pandemic:

The Annual Meeting of Parishioners (Annual Vestry meeting)
The meeting for the election of churchwardens for the Parish.

and The Annual Parochial Church Meetings (APCM)
For the election of Parochial representatives of the laity as follows:

Representatives To the Deanery Synod (2 from each parish)
Representatives To the Parochial Church Council
For the appointment of Sidesmen and the Independent Examiner.

For the consideration of:

(a)       A Report on changes in the roll since the annual parochial church meeting;
(b)       An Annual Report of the proceedings of the parochial church council and the activities of the parish generally;
(c)       The Financial Statements of the Council for the year ending on the 31st December immediately preceding the meeting independently examined;
(d)       A Report on the fabric, goods and ornaments of the church of the parish;
(e)        A Report on the proceedings of the Deanery Synod and other matters of parochial or general Church interest.
There will then follow a short presentation on the Parish Giving Scheme.

and the First Parochial Church Council Meetings (PCC)
To Elect officers of the Council and to set the Date of the Next Meeting

The sequence of meetings will start with Prayer at 6.30 pm prompt
It is with regret that no refreshments can be served

Parish St Peter and St Paul, Exton St Mary & All Saints, Droxford Corhampton & St Andrew, Meonstoke
Date Tuesday, 20 October 2020 Wednesday, 21 October 2020 Thursday, 22 October 2020
Venue Exton Church and by Zoom Droxford Church and by Zoom Meonstoke Church and by Zoom
Please REGISTER IN ADVANCE for Zoom (See Below)
Or, telephone or email the Rector to indicate your intended attendance in the Church
  Electoral Roll available in Church & from ER officers Saturday, 12th September 2020
PCC & CW Forms available in Church Saturday, 26th September 2020
  Last day for amendments to the current Parochial Church Electoral Rolls:
Monday, 21 Sep 20 Tuesday, 22 Sep 20 Wednesday, 23 Sep 20
  New Parochial Church Electoral Rolls Published:
Monday, 5 Oct 20 Tuesday, 6 Oct 20 Wednesday, 7 Oct 20
Parish ER Officer Mrs Jane Pepys Mrs Rachael Dean Mrs Karen Ellis

NB Legal authority has been granted to hold these meetings virtually alongside the physical meeting

Only those on the respective Church Parish Electoral Roll are entitled to attend and to take part in the APCM.  The election of churchwardens will be conducted at a meeting of parishioners immediately preceding the APCM and in accordance with the provisions of sections 4 and 5 of the Churchwardens Measure 2001.  All who are on the civil parish electoral roll or church electoral roll are also entitled to attend and to take part in the elections of Churchwardens for that parish.

There is no need for the current electorate to re-register in 2020.

Please consider standing as: a Church Warden or a member of your Parochial Church Council (PCC) or the Deanery Synod.
In each case, you must be over the age of 16, eligible to serve as a trustee of a charity, be an actual communicant and have due regard for the law as it pertains to Church Representation, and not least to Safeguarding and Equality.

Nomination and GDPR forms must be completed and returned to the Rector before the meeting is opened.

A W Forrest         
The Rev’d A W Forrest
01489 877422 –
28 August 2020, Confirmed and Updated 16th September 2020

Zoom Meeting Invitations & Registration Details:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

EXTON AMP & APCM: Oct 20, 2020 18:30

Register in advance for this meeting:
DROXFORD AMP & APCM: Oct 21, 2020 18:30
Register in advance for this meeting:

Corhampton & Meonstoke AMP & APCM: Oct 22, 2020 18:30
Register in advance for this meeting:


Parish Giving Scheme

You can download the handbook (2020) [HERE]

You can the Presentation [HERE]

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a highly efficient and well developed system to help local churches manage and develop their planned giving.

Parish Giving Scheme - Portsmouth Anglican Diocese

Donor gifts to your local church are made by direct debit on the 1st of the month, PGS then claims all the gift aid due. On the 10th of the month all the donations for your church are transferred into the parish bank account in one lump sum. Then, as soon as the gift is received from HMRC, the PGS will transfer all your parish gift aid for that month into your nominated parish bank account.

Parish Giving Scheme - Portsmouth Anglican Diocese

One of the main challenges faced by churches is static giving and this is where PGS can really help your church. PGS gives donors the ability to increase their giving annually in line with inflation; it is donor choice as to whether they opt into this element of the scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions about PGSFind the answers to common questions about how PGS works in Portsmouth Diocese

Adopting PGS in your Parish

Move your scheme forward
Resources are available for parishes which have been in PGS a while and need more support to move the scheme forward

Find out more about PGS as a Charitable Company
(Limited Company No: 8824540; Registered Charity No: 1156606)

EXTON 2020 Meeting reporting on 2019

Exton APCM Agenda 2020

APCM 2019 Minutes

2019 Fabric report for the APCM of St Peter and St Paul

2019 Report on the Activity of the PCC of St Peter and St Paul

Droxford 2020 Meeting reporting on 2019

APCM Agenda 2020

2019 Droxford APCM Minutes

2019 Droxford CWs’ Fabric Report

2019 PCC Activity Report 

Droxford Accounts 2019

Corhampton & Meonstoke 2020 Meeting reporting on 2019

APCM Agenda 2020

APCM Corhampton & Meonstoke Minutes 20190403 v_3

Reports & Accounts

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