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We are keeping our gathered services and the opening of our churches under weekly review in the light of the recent assessments of national and local risk to our health and well-being in the face of  the Pandemic.



Update 12Jan 21:

Given the national guidance and  the local conditions (including vaccinations), the Rector and CWs have concluded that Churches  of the Benefice will have to remain closed until 6th March 2021.  The situation will, however, remain under weekly review.

It was agreed that should an individual feel the need to make use of a church for private prayer or reflection, then this can be arranged by appointment through the Rector ( or 01489 877422) unless legislation is changed to prohibit this.

Update 10Jan21:

‘We still have weeks to go before vaccines will start reducing COVID deaths and, some weeks later, the number of people being hospitalised. We cannot afford to let our justified optimism for the future come at the expense of difficult action today. That means for now staying home and avoiding all unnecessary contacts. By following the rules, we will save lives and help normal life return more swiftly.’ Professor Chris Whitty 10 January 2021 (

Update 05Jan21:

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement last night and a risk assessment carried out by the Churchwardens and Rector this morning, it is with great sadness that we have decided that we must close our churches with immediate effect until 23rd January.

The situation is being kept under constant review and formal evaluations will be carried out weekly.  Updates will be communicated here, on Facebook (see link above), sent by email and put on noticeboards.

We appreciate how important access to the churches is and how much many people value gathered services, so the decision is made with a heavy heart but our principal responsibility is keep everyone safe and we should also show our support to the nation’s health and scientific leaders by sending the message to STAY AT HOME.

Services will continue to be streamed (see below) and on the on-line services page (tab above).  Volunteers to read or lead prayers should make themselves known to the Churchwardens and you will be included in the rota and given an appointment to be recorded either at home, outdoors or safely distanced in church.

Update 02Jan21:

  • 1030 3Jan21 (Meonstoke)
    Family Service followed by optional Holy Communion for the Epiphany will take place.
  • 1530 3Jan21 (Exton)
    BCP Evening Prayer is cancelled
  • All subsequent services are under review at this time
  • There will be a streamed service on this website (and perhaps other platforms in due course) every Sunday

Please keep checking here to see our programme of services and events as they are confirmed.

Please do not assume that the programme will be identical to that published in The Bridge, which was prepared before the recent lockdown.

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